Welcome to the web base of UK designer and digital illustrator: Octavector

Web work is produced using Brackets. Responsive frameworks are either custom creations or provided by Bootstrap or Skeleton. Depending on the scale and functionality of the required design, the chosen content management system will be either Textpattern, Drupal or Wordpress. Supporting Images and media are produced in Photoshop, Illustrator and Blender.

All web work starts in the sketch pad , I draw some loose wireframes and begin to plan the hierarchy of information from mobile to desktop. I like to move the design to the browser as soon as possible, putting me in the correct environment for web work. Using a front-end framework for rapid development I start to build a responsive framework based on my sketches, this is complemented by a style guide made in Photoshop.

Illustrations often start in the sketch pad, the hand drawn lines are then scanned and penned in Illustrator. The vector lines are then filled and additional effects are applied before being exported. My fondness for geometric artwork allows for some pieces to be built entirely on screen, additionally I also produce digital sketch work on tablet using a Jot Pro Stylus.

Print work is produced in InDesign with supporting material from Illustrator and Photoshop. I have produced a wide range of printed materials including business stationary, magazines, booklets and brochures. The Corporation Handbook is an expressive, personal book project which currently boasts 80 pages of original artwork.

Case Study: Platform

Voluntary Action Maidstone (VAM) started the Platform Project in 1996 with a mission to provide users of local mental health services a forum to discuss their experiences.

I was commissioned to provide a new brand for Platform along with a series of supplementary materials such as information posters, a leaflet and digital artwork.

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