Websites designed by robots.
what could possibly go wrong?


In this modern era of smartphones and internet-enabled dishwashers, the requirement for your business to have a bespoke website is fast becoming fundamental. Whether your business sells cuddly toys or is run by cuddly toys, a website will deliver your business presence to users far and wide.

We understand that a website can be an expensive venture.
Professional designers are not cheap and although they can often deliver outstanding results tailor made to your unique business requirements, do you really need an outstanding website? Apparently 90% of all internet users prefer a website that's “Meh”.

MATR Design's unique, robot-driven workflow allows you to dictate your perfect website at a competitive price. Your designated MATR robot will not interfere with your artistic vision, it will not persuade you to remove all traces of Comic Sans or to tone down your fuchsia pink background.

If you can select colours and fun fonts, in our eyes you are a qualified web designer. Throw that mortarboard into the air at once! If you wish for images of your cats to line the footer of every page, we agree. We also suggest they are animated, perhaps they also follow the mouse cursor and leave a trail behind?
AT MATR design you have your way, everyday.

Case Study

Rory wanted a website for his dire pencil sharpening business
He met with a web designer, who unfortuantely wouldn't work for free
Rory discoveerd MATR Design, a company that made him the artist
He was assigned a team of robots to help sculpt his artistic vision
Now Rory was free to add random funny cat pictures to his website
Silently, diligently, the robots crunched numbers for days
Eventually, Rory's website was discharged by one of the robots
Where the internet is concerned, quantity over quality, everytime.

Virtual Map Key

  • Dubious air filtration system
  • Good AI processing unit
  • Evil AI processing unit
  • Surplus virulent containment units ("Scum Drums")
  • Pink shape

A load of FAQ

Hollywood has taught us that most intelligent robots eventually become self aware and conspire to control mankind, could this happen with the robots at MATR?

Probably, so it might be a good idea to get your web design orders in before the machine army uprising.

I don't like the design you have produced for me

Rejected websites are broken down, analysed and then deleted pixel by pixel. We dont know if websites feel pain, but it's likely they do. You bastard.

When will my website be completed?

It depends on a variety of factors, for example if your homepage includes 300 animated GIF's this will greatly impact on processing time. MATR recommends no more than 120 animated gifs per page.

What are websites made out of?

Pixels. Pixels are tiny bioluminescence insects that live inside your monitor. Their day to day life is spent crawling around in various patterns and routines to form what is loosely referred to as the “user interface”.

I have forgotten the administrator password for my website, can you email it to me?

The username is admin and the password is 12345. This is the same for all our accounts and cannot be changed.

Last year, MATR placed a pile of leaking chemical drums in the lake. What is the glowing substance inside them?

Your likely referring to a substance named Explodium Toxichlorine, or “smelly jelly” as we like to call it. Smelly Jelly is an amusing bi-product of the MATR robots. It's a good idea not to get any on your hands, or to be anywhere within a 10 mile radius of a spillage.